MandA Sports Agency

MandA Sports Agency is a career-management company devoted to the complete support and well-being of its players. We work mainly for footballers. Knowing the high goals of our players we advocate and apply our standards and values of transparency. Working hand-in-hand with our customers we contribute substantially to their best advantage.

We aim to be innovatory. Thanks to the varied expertise of our members, we can provide players with a comprehensive service and complete supervision starting with their work contracts, assuring their rights, helping them to manage their diet and health and looking after
their revenue.

Our goal is clearly distinguishable: MandA Sports Agency banks on the unbeatable quality of its services guided by the sole interest of the players who trust us. The essential basis for defending our principles is to be able to work in serenity. That’s why we gladly share the experience gained by us in our different areas of expertise and assure to maintain a close contact with the entourage of our players.

Making one’s passion a profession is a privilege: the commitment, time and energy that MandA Sports Agency devotes everyday to its mission testifies to its growing evolution.

However, in order not to deviate from its objectives, in particular the ability to maintain the quality of its services, MandA Sports Agency limits, to a reasonable number, the players whose careers we are responsible for promoting. Currently, we are proud of the confidence and responsibility entrusted to us by our players. It proves the high quality of the work we have carried out ever since we started.

Whoever thinks that victory does not count will never win anything.


three-time world champion

Team MandA

Alexandre Favre

– Legal and management

Lawyer registered at the Geneva Bar and practicing for several years, Alexandre Favre is managing partner of MandA Sàrl and therefore assumes the responsibility of the company to third parties. He upholds the interests of players with clubs, by negotiating their work contracts, and sponsors. Legally registered with the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) as an intermediary, Alexandre Favre is also the go-between of the company and its partners active in the world of football, both in Switzerland and abroad especially in Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Turkey or Portugal. Alexandre Favre has also played in several football clubs for over twenty years, including several years in the 1st Swiss League (third division), at Servette FC, CS Chênois or FC Grand-Lancy.

Anthony Yenni

– Finance and management

Holder of the financial intermediary diploma recognized by FINMA and with more than ten years’ experience in the financial field, Anthony Yenni advises athletes on insurance policies, purchase and /or sale as well as financing real estate or tax. He also has had a rewarding professional career for several years as sales manager of Servette FC. Anthony Yenni also played football for several years at Étoile Carouge FC (M19) and at FC Grand-Lancy (third division). Alongside Alexandre Favre, he is the main associate in the company for out dealings with partners in Switzerland.

Carlos Gomez

– Finances

Specialist in wealth management, Carlos Gomez works in a third-party asset management company in Geneva and draws on more than ten years experience in the world of finance. He advises our players on how to place their money and how to make it grow, advocating a conservative policy taking into account the short span of the athlete’s career. Carlos Gomez has also played in several football clubs for over twenty years, FC Grand-Lancy (third division), CS Chênois (third division) and Etoile Carouge FC (Challenge League). Alongside Alexandre Favre, he is the main representative of the company for Spain.

Henry Girod

– Recruitment and social networks

Graduate coach (ASF C + diploma), Henry Girod specializes in the recruitment of players. His expert vision and wide network allow MandA Sports Agency to discover and target young players with high potential. In addition, he is responsible for managing the social networks of the company and, to a greater extent, the social networks of athletes under mandate. He has also played in several football clubs for over twenty years, including FC Grand-Lancy (third division) and FC Signal Bernex (fourth division). Alongside Alexandre Favre, he is the main link between our company and our partners in France.

Dimitri Berthet

– Nutrition, health and performance

Dietitian HES specialized in sports nutrition, Dimitri Berthet provides players with his experience and know-how so that they adapt diets to their specific needs related to the practice of football. Thanks to his international training in both physical and mental preparation (Bachelor in Nutrition and Dietetics [HES-SO, Geneva], University Diploma in Sports Nutrition [Paris], Certification in Mental Preparation [Fitspro, Geneva], Certification in Physical Preparation [SSCS training, Paris], Certification in Sports Dietetics [SSCS training, Paris], Diploma in Football Medicine [FIFA, Zurich]) while relying on its experience as a practitioner and teacher of martial arts (Hapkido Jin Jung Kwan), Dimitri provides the athlete with a complete and indispensable support for the success of his career. The objective of this monitoring is to offer to the players the best performance strategies and to create more football skills so that the athlete adopts a lifestyle suited to the high requirements of his profession.